Custom Drapes to Elevate Your Space

Highlight your room's architecture and enhance natural light with custom drapes. Our free design services help you create unique window treatments that reflect your style.


Why Choose Custom Drapes and Curtains?

Custom drapes offer unique benefits that standard window treatments can't match:

Perfect Fit: Tailored to your window's exact dimensions.

Personalized Style: Choose designs that reflect your taste.

Enhanced Ambiance: Create the ideal mood, from casual and airy to formal and cozy.


Why Partner with Innovation Upholstery for Custom Drapes?

Discover why homeowners choose Innovation Upholstery for custom drapes and curtains:

Services: Enjoy expert design support at no extra cost.

Professional Advice: We guide you through all your options and bring your vision to life.

Consultations: We offer appointments via phone, or email.

Discover Our Custom Drape and Curtain Styles

Ready to explore the options? Discover our range of custom drapery styles:

Elegant Pleated

Elegant pleated drapes offer a traditional yet contemporary style, suitable for both heavy and light fabrics, and are simple to open and close.

Grommet/Panel Drapes

Modern grommet/panel drapes provide an ultra-modern look with gentle fabric folds, perfect for contemporary living spaces.

Romantic Rod Pocket Drapes

Romantic rod pocket drapes offer decorative style and excellent light control, while relaxed tie and tab top drapes provide a casual look with a sleek flat profile.

Why Innovation Upholstery?

Homeowners choose us for custom drapes because of our free expert design support, professional advice, and convenient virtual or in-home appointments.

Request an In-Home Measure Today

Our designers visit your home to assess your style, take precise measurements, and ensure a perfect fit. Our skilled artisans craft your draperies from premium fabrics in our local workrooms.

Trust Innovation Upholstery to enhance your space with custom drapes. Contact us today to schedule an in-home measure and start creating your perfect window treatments.