Upholstery Pricing Explained

We offer transparent and competitive pricing for commercial & residential upholstery. Costs vary based on furniture size, style, fabric, custom details, and repairs. Trust us to provide the best value for your cherished pieces.


Understanding Our Pricing

At Innovation Upholstery, pricing is based on furniture style, size, and fabric. Optional custom details may add to the cost. We provide free quotes and inspect for repairs. Pickup and delivery charges vary by location. Trust us for transparent pricing.

Base Pricing

Base prices for furniture upholstery are determined by several factors:

Style and Size: The overall design and dimensions of your furniture.

Fabric Selection: The type and quality of fabric you choose

Cushions: The number and type of cushions included.

These elements collectively influence the base cost of your upholstery project.

Initial Quote and Base Price Adjustments

Requesting a quote begins with your provided details and chosen customizations. Here’s what happens next:

Initial Quote: We give an estimate based on your input.

Inspection: Upon arrival, we remove the old covering, examine the piece, and inspect the springs.

Assessment: We check for needed structural improvements.

Notification: We inform you of any additional charges before starting the work.

This ensures clear and transparent pricing for your upholstery project.

Customization Options

Custom details, both inside and out, can impact the cost of upholstery. Here are some options that may incur additional charges:

Cushion Inserts: Different types of cushion fillings.

Skirt Styles: Various designs for furniture skirts.

Nailheads: Decorative nailhead trim.

Buttons: Custom button details.

Skirt Trims: Specialized trims for skirts.

Arm Covers: Protective and decorative arm covers.

These enhancements allow you to personalize your furniture while understanding the potential costs involved.

Pickup and Delivery Charges

Pickup and delivery charges for upholstery services vary based on several factors:

Location: Charges differ by pickup location.

Furniture Style: Costs depends on project needs.

Home Location: Fees vary based on your home's distance from our shop.

Understanding these factors helps ensure clear and transparent pricing for your upholstery project.

Get A Quote

At Innovation Upholstery, we love breathing new life into your residential or commercial space. We're friendly and transparent about costs. Visit our store, send us an email, or share a picture, and we'll provide a free ballpark quote for your project.